Our Trip out West

October 8, 2017

So what do you do when you get a new RV? Why take it on a 6,000 mile trip out West of course. I won’t bore you with the travel log. Here’s a photo album with maps and pictures if you’re interested.

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Peek Inside a 2018 New Aire

July 12, 2017

I was over at Midway RV the other day. The 2018 New Aire is a model that was not available last year. Good thing. I probably would have spent a lot more money. :smile:

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Onboard Water Softener

June 3, 2017

I’ve found water at many places to be hard. Hard water is water with dissolved minerals. It can stain plumbing fixtures, add a foul taste, and make cleaning and laundry more difficult.

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Using the ACME EZE TOW Tow Dolly

April 16, 2017

We’re back from a 2,400 mile trip and am happy to report that the ACME EZE TOW tow dolly is just that, an “EZE TOW”. The dolly loads and unloads easily and tracks true. It handles bumps and hard stops without fuss. It was entirely uneventful, which is just what I want from a tow dolly.

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Wood Boxes for Storage

March 11, 2017

I’m probably in the minority but I like boxes made from wood for storage. The plastic ones are an efficient and cost-effective choice but they lack substance. I prefer the old wood boxes used long ago for bottled goods, etc. I pick them up at flea markets when I find them (increasingly rare). When I can’t find one to suit my needs, I make one. Here’s a video about making one such box. Yeah, I’m weird.

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Dogbone Hangers in Electrical Bay

March 10, 2017

The storage in my electrical bay is tight. Especially since I added a hardwired surge suppressor (Progressive Industries). The dog bones kind of get in the way when I just toss them in this bay. So I made some hangers to keep them handy and out of the way.

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Storage Modifications - DEF Cargo Bay

March 4, 2017

There was some empty space above the DEF tank that was crying to be used. I made a shelf and store an additional step for those times when the site forces the coach steps to set too high.

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