Using the ACME EZE TOW Tow Dolly

We’re back from a 2,400 mile trip and am happy to report that the ACME EZE TOW tow dolly is just that, an “EZE TOW”. The dolly loads and unloads easily and tracks true. It handles bumps and hard stops without fuss. It was entirely uneventful, which is just what I want from a tow dolly.

(See Part 1 about unpacking and assembling the dolly)

Things I really like:

  1. The hitch has a tell-tale that immediately tells you when the hitch is properly latched.

  2. The plastic fenders never rust and are less likely to scratch anything they come in contact with.

  3. Not having to pack bearings or lube hubs.

  4. It’s light. I can move it myself.

  5. Welded, not bolted.

  6. Quality tires

  7. Removable ramps. Some don’t care for this. However, I found the ramps are longer and makes for a lower angle of entry on to the dolly. Also, no worries about the ramps hitting the tow vehicle.

  8. I can store it vertically in my garage!


I did make some minor improvements.

  1. Painted the cap for the brake reservoir orange. Seems like I’m always loading the dolly early in the morning when there isn’t much light. It’s easy to put the black cap down and not be able to locate it.

  2. I added a retainer to the cap in the form of some 12 gauge solid-core wire and attached it to the dolly. Again, a lot harder to lose it. As a bonus it gives me a place to clip the break-away cable when storing the dolly.

  3. I replaced the S-hook on the break-away cable with a clip. It makes for a more secure connection in my opinion.

  4. The banjo chains need to be longer. I added U-bolts and anchored them closer to the center. This gave me more length and no worries about the chains bouncing out of the holes. The banjo holes are adaquate but I would prefer a couple of metal loops welded to the frame and banjo chains with safety hooks at both ends.


I did encounter a minor problem with the ramps when loading the vehicle in a dirt lot. One of the ramps popped off the dolly. Sounds more dramatic than it was. I keep a couple of carpet squares in the motorhome to kneel on. I put one under the end of ramp. Problem solved.

The universal straps work well but require adjustments to get the proper fit. They go on quickly but sometimes are finicky to adjust. I’m planning on getting a custom, not adjustable set made for my vehicle.

Finally, here’s a quick video of most of these enhancements (sorry about the wind noise).

I can’t say enough about this tow dolly. It’s light enough to move around by myself, feels liked it’s engineered, not assembled, and tows straight and true.

Written on April 16, 2017