Things I didn't understand about my coach

Being new the RV Class A thing and all, there were some rather embarrassing things I had to learn on our first trip out this Spring.


  • Water pressure requires a pump when not hooked to an external water source. I knew this. What I didn’t know was that there was a switch inside to turn the water pump on. First few days I would head out to the water bay to switch on the pump and wondering why they don’t have a switch on the inside.

  • One has to turn the inverter on to get 110 in the coach.

  • The steps would only retract when the coach was started. There’s a switch to have them stay extended except when the motor is on.

  • The toilet works better when the water pump is on.

  • The steering wheel not only tilts but can be raised and lowered (with a good push).

  • The water pump only works if the coach power is turned on.

  • Do not get your face too close to a storage bay door while slamming it shut.

  • Slide outs only work when the coach engine is not running.

  • The gas heater eats propane like crazy.

  • Windshield washers spray a lot of water into the lanes next to you. Surprisingly, some drivers recent getting a free car wash.

  • Air horns rock!

Most of this pretty harmless although I did have a few uncomfortable minutes in the bathroom figuring out why the water pump would not turn on.

Anyone else care to share?

Written on April 28, 2017