Our Trip out West

So what do you do when you get a new RV? Why take it on a 6,000 mile trip out West of course. I won’t bore you with the travel log. Here’s a photo album with maps and pictures if you’re interested.


Here’s a list of random things I learned.

  • Do have a Portable Air Compressor and a quality tire pressure gauge
  • Keep a zip lock bag in the glove box with insurance, registration and phone numbers to your road side assistance.
  • Plan on making your own phone calls for road size assistance. Most services are just call centers and don’t understand RV’s. When I had a flat, I found the tire service and arranged service. Afterwards I called my insurance provider and gave them the details which they approved.
  • Try to be off the road by 3pm. It’s better for everyone.
  • Buy extra toilet paper.
  • Extra beer. You never know who will drop by.
  • Spare AA and AAA batteries. Kids burn through batteries like wild fire.
  • There’s a circuit breaker on the generator itself. If you AC is not running when the genny is on, this is likely the reason.
  • Plan on other drivers dissing you for no other reason than you’re driving an RV.
  • Get a Flying J/ Pilot gas card. Saves money and you can pay at the pump.
  • DEF at the pump is inconvenient because you have to move the RV after fueling to reach the DEF tank in the back. Buy it at Walmart in the jugs. Same cost and you can fill at the camp ground.
  • Flashlights. Several of them.
  • Portable walkie-talkies. I bought a cheap pair of battery powered ones for $10. Works way better than handle signals for backing into campsites.
  • Over-nighting in Walmart is a last resort. Prefer Casinos and Sam’s Club
  • Have two different cell phone services.
  • Install a cell phone extender on you RV.
Written on October 8, 2017