Peek Inside a 2018 New Aire

I was over at Midway RV the other day. The 2018 New Aire is a model that was not available last year. Good thing. I probably would have spent a lot more money. :smile:

Some quick observations:

  • Under storage is amazing for a coach this size. They did something with the chassis rails to raise them out of the way in the basement.
  • Three interior steps instead of two. Much nicer for my old man knees!
  • Seamless tile floor due to the hydraulic slides. Nice!
  • The exit door is something they should put on all models. Just makes so much sense.
  • The interior finish is nice. Not too glitzy like you see in the luxury models.
  • The cockpit is super cool!

My cell phone camera is not the best.

P_20170711_104910_1_p P_20170711_104617_p P_20170711_104456_1_p P_20170711_104404_1_p P_20170711_104321_p P_20170711_104227_1_p P_20170711_104215_1_p P_20170711_104150_1_p P_20170711_104141_1_p P_20170711_104122_1_p P_20170711_104054_1_p P_20170711_104047_p P_20170711_104034_p P_20170711_104015_1_p P_20170711_104010_1_p P_20170711_104003_1_p P_20170711_103957_p

Written on July 12, 2017