Storage Modifications - DEF Cargo Bay

There was some empty space above the DEF tank that was crying to be used. I made a shelf and store an additional step for those times when the site forces the coach steps to set too high.

Notice that space below the shelf? The storage piggy in me could not resist finding a way to use it. I made a plywood box (1/2”). Nothing fancy. Butt joints glue and screws. It took a few “fittings” to get it to wedge in there.

You can’t see it but there is a substantial ledge on the DEF tank that supports the weight of box. The top left side is wedged against an existing L brace. It only takes one screw to secure the box.

Once the box was to size, I put a front and back on it. It won’t win any woodworking awards, that’s for certain. In order to clear the cargo bay door, the door is only 2/3 of the width of the box.

There’s weather stripping on door opening. The door has a rabbit cut into it to accommodate the weather stripping. There are magnetic catches in the box but I also added a clasp hook on the top. The catches are strong enough to hold the door closed going down the road but if something shifts inside, it could pop open so I added some “insurance”.

The inside is sprayed with clear enamel. The outside it sprayed with black truck bed liner. Installation was simply of matter of wedging it back in and securing it with a screw through the bottom ledge.

I plan to keep extra extension cords in it including a 30’ 50 AMP RV cord.

Something I had not planned on was being able to store the tow dolly spare tire in this space. You get lucky sometimes.

Written on March 4, 2017