RV roofs get dirty. Here's how I clean mine

October 22, 2018

The top of your RV needs to be cleaned periodically. A clean roof keeps the sides of your RV cleaner and it allows inspection of caulk seams and flashings. My RV has a ladder and is built so I can walk on it without worry of damage.

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No More Dead Toad Battery - PriorityStart!

October 3, 2018

Recently, I switched from dolly towing to flat towing out Honda Fit. Flat towing is more convenient and I don’t have to figure out where to store the dolly at the campsite (often times it can not be kept on site).

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The Shotgun Approach

August 18, 2018

OK, not really a shotgun but a shotgun shell bag. Tool belts are handy for keeping tools at the ready when on a ladder or on the RV roof but I’ve found them bigger and bulkier than I like. Plus they don’t hold the things like spray bottles and rags.

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My Dad

August 8, 2018

My father recently passed. I wrote a few words of remembrance.

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DIY Parking Brake Lock for Air Brakes

July 4, 2018

My RV is equipped with air brakes. One of the differences between air brakes and hydraulic automotive brakes is how the parking brake is actuated. Most cars have a lever in the passenger compartment attached to a cable that attaches to the rear brakes. Air brake systems use air (or the lack of it) to set the parking brake.

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New Parking Pad for RV

June 3, 2018

Storing the RV between trips can be expensive if you have to park at a storage facility. Additionally, I prefer to have the RV where I can see it on a daily basis.

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RVillage Rally One

May 22, 2018

The wife and I attended the inaugural RVillage Rally in Elkhart, Indiana on March 17th to the 20th. This was our first rally.

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A Better Tire Pressure Gauge

January 2, 2018

Many RV websites recommend the Accutire Tire Pressure Gauge. I found it to be lacking. Cheap plastic, poor ergonomics, and odd-ball replacement batteries make this a poor choice for RV tires.

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