Truma Headquarters AquaGo Water Heater Installation

Our not-so-old Suburban water heater worked just fine with one exception. We had to wait for it to heat 10 gallons of water before we could use it. On mornings where we did not have hookups, we often skipped showers because it was a hassle.

After some research, we found many, if not most RV’ers recommended the Truma AquaGo. Even though it’s twice the price of competitors, it easily won the hearts of cost conscientious users due to its superior performance. Practically speaking, you turn on the hot water tap, you get hot water. No planning or fussing is required.

AquaGo’s can only be installed by certified technicians. This is company policy. I suspect it to ensure quality and reduce support calls.

We opted to have it installed at Truma’s headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana. There were certified installers much closer but wait times at RV dealerships can be long, even this time of year. When I called, they had immediate service appointments available. Bonus: they’re really nice people.

We drove in the night before and parked overnight at one of the two on-premise RV sites. Both sites have electric and water hookups. There are no sewer hookups.

We felt that since they did hundreds of these installs, it would be a worry-free process. We were right. From start to finish, it was a friendly, hassle-free experience. From the knowledgeable technicians to the amazingly clean and organized facility, it was a breeze. Can’t recommend it enough.

Installation Area

The cost? About $1,700 out-the-door. It took just under 3 hours. We were only charged 2 hours of labor at $125/hour. And from the little bit of time we’ve had to use it, it works as advertised. Turn on the hot water tap and you get hot water. It’s just that simple.

Written on April 18, 2021