Tail Light for the Toad

We pull our toad (many RVers call towed vehicles “Toads”) using a tow dolly. The tow dolly has running and brake lights but they sit forward near the front wheels. At night, it can be difficult to spot the rear of the toad because the tow dolly running lights forward of the rear of the toad.

One solution is to simply turn on the toads parking lights, but this can result in a dead battery if one is not careful. Another solution is to attach a light to the rear of the toad.

There are after market magnetic lights that can attach to a car. Because LED’s draw less power it is practical to use battery powered lights. This saves on having to wire into the toad’s electrical harness.

I found one on eBay for $15.


Like many cars today, there’s not much in way of flat surfaces. With all the curves and plastic I could not find a satisfactory place attach the light. The curved surfaces did not allow the magnets to get a good hold.

So I did a little online searching found one of these.


Blank Trailer Metal Hitch Tube Cover Fits 2” Receivers (Square Black)

It fits into the trailer hitch receiver on our car. To make sure light doesn’t slide off the tube cover I put some super glue on the magnets and permanently attached it to the plate. I can still access the battery compartment to change them out.

So for about $30 I have a bright tail light without having to modify the vehicle.

Written on February 15, 2017