Scan Documents to PDF with Google Drive

Like many of you, I keep a manila file filled with receipts of service done on my RV. However, I like to keep backups of these important receipts. An easy way to do this is to take a picture of the receipt and store it in a cloud service like Google Photos.

But I take lots of photos and photos require extra work to crop and tag. I prefer to scan my receipts to PDF files. Why? Because I can keep multi-page receipts in one file and they are easily be printed.

But wait you say, I don’t have a scanner. Well if you have a smart phone I’ve got good news, you have one.

You’ll need an app called, “Google Drive”. Google Drive provides free, private online-storage for your documents and spreadsheets.

Once Google Drive is installed (many smart phone vendors preinstall it), open the Google Drive app and press the large plus-button-icon in the lower right corner. Google Drive will open the camera. Simply take a picture of your receipt. Google Drive is smart enough to crop and straighten the image. If you have multiple pages or receipts, press the “plus” button again to add them.

Press, “Save” to finish. The Google Drive app converts the images to a PDF document and uploads it to Google Drive. You’re done.


Written on June 10, 2020