Replacing Broken Roller Shade or Vertical Blind Brackets

Wisconsin roads are rough. How rough? Well, last week while on a 400 mile trip I had a drawer latch bust and a roller-shade fall off the wall. I keep replacement drawer latches on hand so no big deal. One of these days I’ll replace them all with magnetic catches but that’s for another day.

The roller-shade was another matter.

On my RV, the shades are held in place by metal “C” shaped clips. If you know the name for these “C” clips they’re easy to find. If not, good luck. After a few hours of searching I found some on Amazon. They’re called Vertical Blind C Clip Ceiling Mounts. Yep, that’s a mouth full and you need the Ceiling Mounts even though they’re mounted to a wall. Go figure.

Below is a video that shows how I fixed the broken bracket and added an extra one to decrease the chance of another failure.

Written on June 17, 2019