Checklist Buddy Available for Testing

Hey friends,

With the sudden death of Tweetz, my Twitter app, (thanks Elon), I’ve moved on to a new project.

Checklist Buddy feature image

I know what you’re thinking; Gee Mike another checklist application. Bear with me a moment and I think you’ll see why I wrote Checklist Buddy.

Back in the day, I flew single-engine aircraft for pleasure. Most aircraft have a laminated checklist with items to check before takeoff. When I was flying with a passenger, I would give them the checklist and have them read the items aloud. In a sense, they became my “Checklist Buddies”.

Fast forward 20 years and I now own a diesel motorhome. Like aircraft, you just don’t jump into one of these things and turn the key. There’s a procedure that should (must?) be followed. And as you likely surmised, I use a checklist.

So why not use one of the bazillion checklists already out there? Several reasons, but mostly I wanted an app that didn’t require me to carefully aim my finger to press a checkbox and then clear them all the next time I used it.

In fact, what I really wanted was an app that read the items back to me, one at a time, like my checklist buddies did. To confirm, simply touch anywhere on the screen.

As simple as that sounds, there’s nothing like it in the App Store.

So there you have it. Of course, you can create, edit, and order your lists.

Google has implemented mandatory closed testing requirements before allowing an app to be listed in the Play Store. So if you have an Android phone and live in the US or Canada, send me an email with your Google email address so I can add you to the closed testing group. After that, you’ll receive a link to the Google Play Store listing.

And yes, I promise not to sell your email, or track you or any of the other stupid shit people do with private info. -

Written on January 10, 2024